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Case Study

eBay Australia Seller Centre


  •  OS:Linux
  •  Server:Apache
  •  Database:MySql
  •  Language:Php, Sql
  •  Framework:Drupal


  •  Consulting
  •  Web Development
  •  Systems Integration


We provided eBay Australia with the proof they needed to get more Drupal projects up and running.

25% Under Budget

Completed ahead of schedule

First time ever
eBay + Drupal

Within three weeks of receiving the brief, we were able to integrate a heavily customised template into Drupal, implement strict data entry and publication rules, while optimising the front-end database and server to deliver an optimal user experience.

The Seller Centre is able to handle large volumes of visitors with ease and has had significant success since implementation:

  • Decrease in customer service calls
  • A surge in seller listings
  • Increase in high-quality listings
  • Reduction in low-quality listings

By successfully working with Drupal within eBay’s core network infrastructure, we were able to provide eBay with the proof they needed to develop more projects and sites using the platform. And with the project coming in 25% under budget and ahead of schedule, it was hailed a huge success by the client and our teyam.


They needed to reduce pressure on their call centres and drive more sales

With tens of thousands of users visiting the site each day and call centres struggling to keep up with call volume, eBay Australia needed to beef up the resources on their site.

Not only did they want to reduce the pressure on their call centres, they also wanted to drive more sales.

But to convert buyers into sellers and encourage sellers to sell more, they needed to arm users with knowledge. The idea was to create a new section on the site that catered to sellers – a multipronged approach was needed and that’s where we came in.


We implemented Drupal into their core infrastructure, while working within the confines of corporate security policies.

In a first for eBay Australia we implemented Drupal – an open source content management system that had never before been used within their core infrastructure. We created a user journey that funneled customers through to vital information to improve seller engagement across all segments. Along with scalable education solutions to raise the performance of sellers - all while working within the confines of corporate security policies.

New, simple template design for easy content management by eBay staff.

The scalable hardware environment allowed for clear ownership of articles and revisions, while enforcing strict guidelines for article and asset publication. We were also able to help eBay staff adapt to Drupal by providing them with the necessary training to confidently manage site updates on their own.

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