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Case Study

eBay Australia Blog


  •  OS:Linux
  •  Server:Apache
  •  Database:MySql
  •  Language:Php, Sql
  •  Framework:Drupal


  •  Consulting
  •  Web Development
  •  Systems Integration


Finishing ahead of scheduled resulted in eBay having to push their bloggers to match our speed of delivery.

Completed quickly & ahead of schedule

Another success
eBay + Drupal

We completed the project within two weeks and ahead of schedule, resulting in eBay having to push their bloggers to come up with content to try and match our speed of delivery. By successfully working with Drupal within eBay's core network infrastructure for a second time, we were able to further demonstrate our ability to work within the confines of corporate security policies. Our team and the client are excited about the blog, and eagerly await its imminent launch.


It was crucial the platform could handle high volumes of visitors with ease.

To help bring the brand to life, eBay Australia wanted to create a platform where they could share branded content with their customers. The blog needed to be a vehicle for not just brand engagement and reputation management, but for their social ecosystem too. With this in mind, it was crucial that the platform could handle high volumes of visitors with ease, creating a seamless user experience that would validate consumer trust.


We created a responsive blog that adapts to pre-detect the size of the users screen to display content perfectly.

Using existing designs provided by eBay, we implemented Drupal into their core infrastructure to create an integrated platform that publishes content at administrator-defined dates, at the click of a button. This would allow eBay to communicate messages to the marketplace, clarify topical issues, highlight their people and purpose, share inspiring stories from within the community, spotlight new merchants and unique items, participate in breaking news stories and trending topics, and drive influence.

By leveraging best practices, we brought the brand's vision to life with a responsive blog that changes across desktop, tablet and mobile devices, and adapts to pre-detect the size of the users screen to display perfectly on the device they're using.

To accommodate for high volumes of traffic, we set up superior caching techniques to provide a faster user experience, increase the number of visitors the site can handle, provide eBay with scalability and reliability, and reduce costs in hardware and infrastructure. We also made the blog easy for eBay to use and update, and built custom modules to house and display featured content.

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