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BAKU Swimwear


  •  OS:Linux
  •  Server:Apache
  •  Database:MySql
  •  Language:Php, Sql
  •  Framework:Magento


  •  Consulting
  •  Web Development
  •  Systems Integration


We made the sites more appealing to Australian audiences.

Increased user engagement by 157%

Increased Australian visitors by 22.5%

Reduced the number of people leaving the site by 33%

In just three months, we launched all three sites well before the Australian summer arrived. And were able to help Baku Australia generate successful results during their most important time of year:

  • Increased the pages viewed per visit by 157%. Increasing user engagement with the site
  • Reduced the bounce rate by 33% - reducing the number of people looked at the site without clicking on anything.
  • Increased the Australian visitors to the site by 22.5%, making it more appealing to Australian audiences.

With three mobile sites in a pre-launch phase, the brand is going from strength to strength.


The sites were poorly built, littered with issues, and no one else knew how to work with the code.

After having their three brand sites built offshore, Baku Australia found themselves in a difficult situation. The sites were poorly built and littered with issues. With no one else knowing the code or how to work with it, they were at the mercy of their developers. They were losing revenue and brand credibility, and desperately needed to move to a more secure and stable platform. But with the Australian summer fast approaching, they were running out of time. Baku were at risk of lost revenue during their busiest and most profitable time of year. So when a third-party recommended our services, we got to work straight away.


We connected all three sites to the one backend system that integrated warehouse, logistics, merchant and stock management systems.

We rebuilt the sites to internationally recognised standards using Magento - a trusted e-commerce platform that's used by some of the biggest brands in the world. Bikini Island was their first and only e-commerce store - they wanted to build out their other brands, so we were engaged to work on and as well.

We connected all three sites to one backend system that integrated warehouse, logistics, merchant and stock management systems. To increase conversions, we shortened the user journey by streamlining the checkout process into one single page.

There was no real brand consistency between Bikini Island, Baku and Ginja, so we brought in uniformity through design, features and usability.

We created highly customisable sites using features like integrated videos, wish lists, price range sliders and colour pickers that drilled down to show patterns as well as solid colours.

We also integrated social media with the ability to easily connect to their channels from each site. And spent two days training Baku staff across the functionality of the new and improved platform.

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